Thanks for taking a look at our website and wanting to find out a bit more “about us”.

Now you’re here, we’re guessing that like us you’re “Serious About Sport and Fitness” too. 

We’ve been friends since we were 3 years old, we won’t give anything anyway but that means we’ve been friends for a long time! So when Paul finally decided that an idea he had years ago when he was a tennis coach needed to be brought to life, he spoke to Lee about getting involved and MYSPORTSHUB was born.

As we’ve mentioned Paul was so serious about sport it was how he made his living for over 15 years as a qualified tennis coach, coaching and mentoring all different levels of players.

Lee’s seriousness for sport has been more on the participation side of things, having played both Golf and Football at County level. We therefore both recognise the value of a great coach should never be underestimated.

Our overriding desire is to help bring the sporting community together. To help Sports Coaches, Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors and specialists connect with players and participants who want to enhance their skills, capabilities, fitness and wellbeing.

Our hope is for MYSPORTSHUB to increase awareness and visibility of all the great sports and fitness coaching options that are on our doorstep.


Paul and Lee