Coaching and being a Parent

Lee Williams, co-founder of MYSPORTSHUB shares his experiences of being a parent and the impact of coaching…

I’m a Dad to two great kids (I would say that wouldn’t I) who both enjoy being active. They’ve found hobbies and interests where coaches play a major part in both improving their ability as well their overall enjoyment of the activity.

For my Son, it’s always been football. When I was his age it was always football for me too, but I made a conscious effort to not force him down any particular route in terms of hobbies or activities when he was young. I wasn’t particularly fussed whether he wanted to try sport, art, dancing or something else. I’m still not sure why he chose football, perhaps it was because I was still playing (or at least trying to!) when he was younger so his Mum would bring him to watch me play. 

For my Daughter it’s dancing and gymnastics, one things for sure, she definitely wasn’t following in my footsteps there 🙂

So I’ve got a Son who loves football and a Daughter who loves dance and gym. I’m pretty sure a lot of parents reading this are in a similar position.  

Over the course of this blog I’d like to share my experiences of being a parent when your child is being coached. What can you do to support them? What are the pitfalls to avoid? I don’t mind admitting that I have made plenty of mistakes along the way and in the case of my son in particular, I’ve learnt a lot over the last 6 months or so.


Thanks for reading